Are you unhappy with your weight and fed up with constantly trying to lose weight and keep it off?

Do you want a healthy way to achieve and maintain your ideal weight that doesn’t involve dieting, taking pills or supplements, or feeling deprived?

I use highly effective therapies and techniques to help you to reach your weight loss goals and have a healthy relationship with food, your body, and with yourself for the long term.

Whether you overeat or eat unhealthily out of habit or because of emotional issues, or a combination of the two, this is an approach that could work well for you.

Young woman choosing healthy eating instead of donuts - hypnotherapy for weight loss

If you have been struggling to lose weight, some of this may sound familiar

  • Tried many diets but nothing seems to work for long
  • Eating when bored, stressed or lonely
  • Crave sugary, high calorie foods
  • Eating when not hungry
  • Having a problem with portion control
  • Exercise feels like a chore

A healthy weight loss program

My hypnotherapy for weight loss program, which includes other highly effective therapies and techniques, is not a diet. It’s about resolving what’s in the way of you finding a healthy, mindful way of eating, and a lifestyle that works for you and your body and feels good to you.

I work with you to find out what’s happening for you around food, eating, weight and body image, and what’s driving your current behaviour around these issues, and I use a tailored approach to resolve these issues and help to you reach your goals. I help you to alleviate compulsive eating, comfort eating, unhealthy habits, and any underlying emotional and psychological issues you have around food and weight. We work together to establish the healthy lifestyle changes that are right for you in the long term, keeping you feeling good about yourself and giving you the energy to do the things you enjoy.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Weight loss hypnotherapy can help you to change the way you think about food and help you to develop a better relationship with food, your body and yourself. Hypnotherapy is very effective for working with the emotional and psychological issues around food, weight, and motivation to exercise, Hypnotherapy can help you to create and reinforce new healthy habits and responses to situations.

A healthy weight loss program with hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT Tapping

Using a powerful combination of hypnotherapy for weight loss with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) means that I have many tools and techniques that I can draw on to help you to reach your weight loss goals in a way that’s effective of you.

Weight loss sessions online or face to face

Weight loss sessions are available in person in Luton or Harpenden, or online

Free 20 minute telephone consultation

If you have questions you would like me to answer or would like to know more about how I can help you, I offer a free 20 minute telephone consultation.