L.G. wanted to stop drinking

Hi Karen, I have stopped drinking! Detoxing at moment and pleased with myself. It has finally dawned what an idiot I am for drinking. My skin is better and have lost weight. Your help has been so valuable, making me realise why I behaved like that. I can't thank you enough for believing in me and making me feel so positive about my life. I am happy and determined. Thank you so much.

It’s been 60 days completely off the drink and I has lost an incredible 1 stone and 10 lbs! Feeling happier to. Thank you for all your help.

L.G Luton

Sarah – Relief from anxiety

A heartfelt thank you Karen for helping me through the horrible anxiety I was experiencing about a particular situation. I was amazed that the EFT we did together quickly got rid of that anxiety I was feeling. And the recommendations you gave me for self care until I saw you next we’re so helpful. You were gentle, empathic and knowledgeable, I felt in very good hands.

Sarah A. Surrey

S.D – Relief from panic attacks

I started having panic attacks a while ago and they had become worse and worse. I was having them every day. After the first session with Karen, I felt so much better. I didn’t have a panic attack until a couple of days later and I did what Karen had instructed me to do and the panic attack stopped very quickly. I haven’t had any since then, and my anxiety has gone right down.

S.D Harpenden

A.B overcome feelings of rejection and low self-worth, leading to an improve relationship

''I booked the session because I realised that I kept getting upset with my partner because I thought he was annoyed with me. And then after it all escalated into an argument I realised it was just my feelings of rejection were getting triggered. I had sessions with Karen which amazed me, because it made such a difference from the first session. She helped me with my own feelings of self-worth and rejection. Since the sessions I have felt a real difference in me, which has made a positive change in our relationship. Things my partner used to do that triggered me, I no longer feel rejected or bad because of them, so they don't escalate into arguments, and it just feels like part of a normal healthy relationship. Karen was very gentle and I felt very safe with her, that I could really trust her and that she really listened and understood me. Thank you Karen.''

A. B, Manchester

Deborah - multiple issues

I have had the benefit of seeing Karen for multiple issues and she has always brought about a noticeable improvement. She is both calming, patient, and puts you at ease. Since our sessions I have become significantly more organised and logical about time management. Karen's sessions have provided me with much needed clarity and serenity, on situations where I felt lost and confused. I highly recommend Karen, she is an experienced therapist and wonderful guide towards individual therapy & life goals.

Deborah P. Bridgnorth, Shropshire


D.C – Relief from anxiety, depression and OCD

I’ve had upward of 6 sessions with Karen, but I could feel a change in my state of mind after just the first session.

Having had OCD since my teens, it became progressively worse to the point where most of my daily activities revolved around the routines and rituals.  This caused problems both at home and at work and left me depressed, frustrated and angry.

I was sceptical as to whether hypnotherapy treatment would work, as I had tried meditation, medication and anything I could think of to try and control the OCD.

After my first meeting with Karen, I came out feeling refreshed, focused and calm.  For the first time in a long time, I felt that there was nothing to worry about and I was comfortable just to go with the flow.

I hoped that it wouldn’t be a placebo effect, so I was interested in my next session to see if I had the same feeling afterward, and to my surprise I did.

Karen taught me different techniques to control breathing and clear the mind.  She showed me ways to combat the anxious feelings and they do work.  I felt before, in certain situations, that I couldn’t handle them, that things were getting on top of me, but using these techniques I’ve managed to control anxiety to what I would term a normal level.

The feeling of wellbeing started to be prevalent in between sessions as well, not just as a result of going to the therapy that day.  General mood has improved greatly, my outlook towards even stressful situations are positive.  While I still do suffer from certain OCD rituals, one’s that have been ingrained for the past 30 years, the majority of the other rituals have disappeared, so I’m not spending my days getting stuck in an endless loop of ritualistic behaviour.  In addition, even the stronger, more prevalent urges to complete the older rituals are losing their power and I am certain that I will be rid of those rituals in the not-too-distant future.

I am really glad to have met Karen, and appreciate all of the help, advice and support I’ve received from her.  She is a lovely lady who is very easy to talk with and open up to.  You never feel judged or studied.  The sessions don’t feel like an appointment, where times up and you’re ushered out of the door.  It’s a very pleasant experience both just to chat with Karen and when you’re under hypnosis.  You come out feeling like you’ve had a good rest and any problems that were on your mind before are insignificant.

Above all, the effects last.  You’re given the ability to control things that seemed out of your control before.  I would recommend Karen, undoubtedly 10 out of 10.  From someone who thought there could be no improvement in my mental health, to someone who has a whole new outlook on life and its future, I couldn’t be in a better place right now, and it is thanks to Karen.

D.C, Milton Keynes